DIY Heated Chicken Waterer

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During the winter months it is probably¬† a good idea to implement some kind of heating system for your chickens water. Well, you can easily build a simple homemade heated chicken waterer, that will work just as well as one you would purchase. Not only will your chicken’s water not freeze up during the winter months but you will also be able to maintain the water at a nice warm temperature for the chickens to drink. Imagine, having a freezing cold drink in the winter time? None of us would willingly want to do that, neither will your chickens.

DIY Homemade Heated Chicken Waterer

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Two cinder blocks
  • Extension cord
  • 25W to 30W light bulb
  • 6 gallon plastic bucket with lid
  • Bulb Adopter
  • Hand Drill

This setup can feed up to 20 chickens. The extension cord, the light bulb and the bulb adopter are assembled and ready to plug into your electrical socket. You can support the bulb by putting it through one of the holes of the block. You need one hole, a few inches below the top of plastic bucket and place the lid on. The bucket is then flipped onto the oil pan. The water in there will probably last about 7 days. It should cost you less than $10 for all the materials you need, plastic buckets are available for free from local grocers or bakers.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Backyard Chickens blog, here…

DIY Heated Chicken Waterer Plans


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