DIY Hanging Herb Garden Planter

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It has been a while since I have looked at these essential components of any garden. If I am correct the last projects we did in this area were the diy mason jar herb garden and the the diy tierd herb garden. I just ran into another really cute one, this diy hanging herb garden planter.

According to Home Depot, this is a project for the intermediate do it yourself-er. However, I feel like even the beginner could pull this off, just the tools maybe a little tricky at first. You know I always leave the heavy tools for the hubby, yes I am spoilt like that. Ha ha haa. Total project time is about 2 hours.

DIY Hanging Herb Garden Planter
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • herbs
  • 1X6 board
  • 4″ terracotta pots
  • rope
  • screw in j-hooks
  • wood paint or stain
  • circular or miter saw
  • hand held drill
  • 4″ hole saw
  • marker
  • paint brush
  • safety glasses
  • potting soil
  • tape measure

If your planter is going to be hanging outdoors, then choose pressure-treated, cedar or redwood boards. Lay out your board and measure it and cut it into two equal parts. Measure the center of your pot holders, then use the drill with the hole saw to cut them out.

Measure and drill the holes on each end which you will thread your rope through. It’s time to paint or stain your boards. Allow them to dry, before you start assembling your planter. Screw in your two j-hooks, where you intend to hang your herbs. Fill your pots with potting soil, plant and water your herbs before placing each pot into the holders.

You can follow step by step instructions on Home Depot Garden Club blog, here…

How to Make a Hanging Herb Garden Planter

You can watch the video on how to make this diy hanging herb garden planer here…

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