DIY Goteo Solar Drip Irrigation

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Gardening is a lot of fun, but sometimes if you have a huge garden watering it may become overwhelming. Today I discovered this pretty cool diy goteo solar drip irrigation system, that may be a lifesaver.

What I really love about this system is that if you have access to sea water, you can use that water to water your garden without killing your plants or vegetables.

DIY Goteo Drip Irrigation System
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • young plant or seedlings
  • 1 gallon clear plastic bottles
  • 1L clear plastic bottles
  • scissors or box cutter
  • mulch or hay

Step By Step Instructions:

1. Cut the 1L plastic bottles in half and place next to or around your plant.

2. Fill the half 1L plastic bottles with water.

3. Cut the bottoms off the 1 gallon plastic bottles and cover the half bottles with the top section.

4. Mulch the area around the plant, to slow down evaporation.

How does it work? The sun heats the water during the day causing evaporation. The top cover catches the evaporated water and then lets it condense before slowly dripping down into the soil below.

Now all you have to do is very now and again, go around filling up the water reservoirs whenever they start to run out of water. Now you can water your garden when there are nose hoses nearby!

You can get more tips and ideas on the KondensKompressor blog, here…

DIY Goteo Solar Drip Irrigation

You can watch the video below, in which he uses sea water


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