DIY Goat Kid Warmer

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We hardly ever talk about the little goats, the ‘kids’ on here. Hence today I decided to give them a little blog time, just like I have done for the baby chicks in past posts. In particular today let us take a look at this awesome diy goat kid warmer idea I bumped into on Pinterest.

Seems like a pretty simple project to keep your kids warm especially in the winter. The hardest part will probably be finding the required materials. The heat lamp may actually be quite expensive, so if you can get a second hand one you may save yourself a couple of bucks. Same goes for the plastic barrel. Be careful with the electrical connections, you do not want to electrocute your kids! LOL

DIY Goat Kid Warmer

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1.

Use your jigsaw to cut a hole the same diameter as your heat lamp.

Step 2.

Attach the metal lampshade to the barrel by drilling four screws
in the top lid of the barrel.

Step 3.

Install some chicken wire under your bulb, as a safety precaution to
catch any parts in the even that the bulb should explode.

Step 4.

Cut a small door at the bottom of your plastic barrel
using your jigsaw. Big enough for the kids to enter only.

Step 5.

Use some straps or strong wire to secure the barrel to
the barn wall, so that the kids cannot topple it.

All that is left to do is to place some straw for bedding in the bottom of the barrel, and switch on your heat lamp. Initially guide them into the warmer. The other advantage of having this warmer in your goat barn, is that it provides some light which keeps the barn illuminated making barn night checks a lot easier. Also helps prevent mama goat from accidentally laying on the newborn goats.

You can watch the video below on low cost baby goat warmers…


You can watch the video below on goat kid warmers…


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