DIY Garden Gazing Balls

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I decided it was time to add a little bling bling to our garden. Personally I hardly have time to enjoy arts and crafts, but once in a while I do get a little time. The last project I worked on was the diy rope ottoman, which turned out awesome. Let us try these diy garden gazing balls today.

These serve no other purpose, besides providing some garden decor. Don’t panic, although they look amazing they are actually very easy to make. No need to break the bank buying materials, just re-purpose some or buy inexpensive stuff from your thrift stores. The choice for base is up to you, and you can decorate with copper pennies, metal rings, mosaic tiles or even glass gems.

Homemade Gazing Balls
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • globe light
  • glass chandelier lamp
  • multi-surface glue
  • spray paint primer
  • gloss spray paint
  • turquoise glass gems
  • latex disposable gloves
  • silicone
  • painter’s tape
  • clear finishing spray

Wash the globe light and the glass lamp, and set out to dry. Attach the two using the glue and leave to dry. Move on to the painting, start with applying two light layers of the primer. Once that has dried, you can then move on to apply two coats of the gloss spray paint.

Use the silicone to attach the glass gems to the globe. It is recommended that you wear latex gloves for this. The first gem goes right at the top of the globe, then you start with your first ring of gems around the top one. Allow to set before working on the next ring, slowly but surely work your way down and around the globe. I love these balls, they look so pretty out there in the garden.:)

You can follow step by step instructions on the Time With Thea blog, here…

DIY Garden Gazing Balls

You can watch the video below on diy garden glazing balls…


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