DIY Garbage Can Compost Tumbler

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Oh yes, there she goes again talking about composting. Well, if you read my gardening posts you will realize that almost all of them call for compost use. That is how important it is to attaining a bumper harvest. So let us look at this diy garbage can compost tumbler.

Unlike the diy compost tumbler, we have looked at in the past. This one is way easier to build and only requires affordable materials. If you can use a cordless drill, you can complete this project with ease. Using compost tumblers helps you reduce the time it takes for your compost to be ready for use.

DIY Garbage Can Compost Tumbler
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • cylindrical metal or plastic garbage can
  • bungee cord
  • drill or hammer and large nail
  • 1/4″ to 1/2″ sized drill bit
  • duct tape (optional)
  • compost shredder (optional)

Your compost tumbler will need breathing holes, at least 20 holes drilled on the top, sides and bottom of your garbage can. Then it is time to fill it with your compost material starting with a layer of high carbon material such as straw, followed by a layer of nitrogen material such as fresh grass clipping and lastly layer of cured compost or garden soil.

Repeat your layers until the can is at least three quarters full. Secure the lid on using the bungee cord and the handles. Now all that is left to do is give your tumbler an initial roll. Tumble it at least three revolutions for 14 days, checking moisture levels every 72 to 96 hours. Then tumble for yet another week before allowing to cure inside the tumbler or on a pile for yet another 14 days.

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DIY Garbage Can Compost Tumbler

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