DIY Garbage Can Chicken Feeder

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One of the things that gives most people interested in raising chickens problems is managing the chicken feed. We have looked at different designs in past posts such as the diy cinder block chicken feeder, the diy no waste chicken feeder bin and the diy no spill pvc chicken feeder. Let us add to the ever growing list with this diy garbage can chicken feeder.

This design allows you to have a feeder that dispenses a whole lot more feed automatically too. As a result you will no longer need to keep checking if your chickens have feed, once you fill the main compartment. Additionally, the design minimizes chicken feed losses usually attributed to the chickens pecking and scratching away at the feed.

DIY Garbage Can Chicken Feeder
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • garbage can
  • hand held drill
  • 3″ pvc pipe
  • hole saw
  • end caps
  • elbows
  • dremel tool
  • marker
  • tape measure

The first thing you should probably do is mark your holes on the bottom of the can. Then follow up with your hole saw and cut out the holes, which the pipes should snugly fit in. It is recommended that you run your drill in reverse when working with plastic, this will help you cut out smooth holes.

Connect the pipes and the elbows, to make the 90 degree pipes. One end should be male the other end female. Using a template, can help you cut similar cuts for all your pipes. A hole is needed in the end cap to allow the chickens to access the feed. Now all that is left to do is to fill it up with feed, and let the girls give it a test drive.

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DIY Garbage Can Chicken Feeder

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