DIY Easy Clean Chicken Nesting Box

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We love collecting eggs from our chickens everyday, which you are used for various cooking recipes around the house. The problem with nesting boxes with a straw or shavings bottom lining is dirty and often cracked eggs. This diy easy clean chicken nesting boxes idea, maybe be just the solution you need.

You do not have to build new nesting boxes, just use the ones that you currently have. All that this project requires of you, is to change the material the chickens lay their eggs on. Straw and shavings are moveable, and what tends to happen is chickens often expose the bottom of the nesting box which is usually a hard wooden surface. So what to do, what to do?

DIY   Astro Turf Nesting Box
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • thick synthetic turf
  • silicone caulking
  • utility knife
  • wooden chicken eggs
  • chicken wire (optional)

The nesting boxes should be cleaned out, before you put some silicone caulking around the sides of the boxes. While you leave the silicone to dry, you can go ahead and cut pieces of your thick synthetic turf that will fit snuggly in your boxes. Once dry the silicone provides traction, the turf should still be removable.

Your chickens will probably need some time to adjust to the new bright green surface. Make sure you close off any alternative nesting areas and place some wooden eggs in each box. Cleaning the boxes should now be easy as removing the turf and hitting it against any hard surface, to remove any dust that may have collected. The green color also makes it easier to see when the boxes need to be cleaned.

You can follow step by step instructions on Hawk Hill blog, here…

DIY Easy Clean Chicken Nesting Box


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