DIY Earthbag Roundhouse

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There are many different structures you can build on your homestead to provide some sort of shelter from the elements. Some of the more popular ones we have discussed in the past are the diy log cabin and more recently the diy wofati log cabin. Here is yet another option for you, this diy earthbag roundhouse.

What I love about this structure is that it can be very strong and yet it is not expensive to build. Some have been known to withstand floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and even bullets. The interior floor space is about 177 sq feet and the cost for square foot is only $11.50. Costs can be drastically  reduced further by re-using some materials such as windows, doors, frames etc.

DIY Earthbag Roundhouse Plans
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • shovel
  • gravel
  • subsoil
  • stringline
  • stabilized soil
  • poly bags
  • sewing needle
  • 4 point barbed wire
  • concrete
  • road base
  • metal or wood anchors
  • galvanized nails
  • 3″ wood poles
  • thatching grass
  • tent
  • plywood
  • rebar
  • rebar pins
  • cement
  • sledgehammer
  • earthen paint
  • exterior paint/ whitewash

There is quite a bit of preparations required before you can start building your roundhouse. You need to find a flat site, level it, remove the topsoil and then collect enough subsoil to work with when building commences. A trench should also be dug and filled in with gravel, in order to stabilize the subsoil.

Then you can move on to the earthbag foundation, which is your poly bags filled with gravel. It should go as high as 6 inches above the moisture level. Next you need to set in your door thresholds and allow them up to 7 days to completely dry before moving ahead with construction.Start working on the walls, stacking soil filled bags and tamping as well as leveling each course.

Also keep an eye out on the radius throughout the build, try to maintain the perfect circle. Metal or wood anchors will hold your door and windows in place. Add window bucks, then wood bond beams filled with concrete before adding the roof. Insert doors and windows and the plaster the outer walls with cement. Use earthn plaster for the interor walls. With just a few extra finishing touches your house will be complete.

You can follow step by step instrcuctions on Instructables, here…

DIY Earthbag Roundhouse Plans

You can watch the video below on how to build an earthbag house..


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