DIY Duck Pond Filter & Shower

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A year or two back we introduced ducks to our homestead. We even built this diy duck house and also this diy self filling duck waterer. Ever since we have been manually cleaning the pond every few days, it is one of my least favorite chores. I may have found a solution to my problem with this diy duck pond filter & shower.

Not only is it a shower for the ducks to enjoy themselves in, it also serves as a filter for the pond water. Essentially it makes both keeping the water and pond clean way easier and faster too. The setup seems a little complicated, but I do not think it is anything that my dear husband cannot figure out. It is not rocket science after all. Tee hi hiii.

DIY Duck Pond Filter & Shower
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Here’s What You’ll Need

  • strong post
  • speedcrete or concrete
  • pond
  • water pump
  • NPT adapter
  • 1-1/4″ outlet
  • vinyl tubing
  • valves
  • pvc pipe
  • 5 gallon bucket
  • elbow
  • aluminum screen
  • J hook pipe hanger
  • plastic paper
  • silicone grease
  • threaded fitting
  • power drill
  • pruning paint (optional)

The center and support of the whole assembly is the post, so make sure you find a strong one. That post will also need to be set in concrete to secure it in place. If you do not already have a pond, simply dig a hole large enough to fit and bury your pond.

The shower head is just the 1/2″ holes drilled into the bottom of the 5 gallon bucket. You will need to install an elbow halfway into the bucket, to prevent pumping out all the water from your pond. The aluminum screen works well as a filter for the whole system and is fitted into the bottom of the bucket.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Backyard Chickens forum here…

DIY Duck Pond Filter & Shower

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