DIY Dog House Chicken Coop

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Some of my most enjoyable diy projects in the past have been chicken coops. For some strange reason, I always seem ready to try building most new designs that I have run too. The next one that I am going to tackle is this diy dog house chicken coop.

This project repurposes your otherwise old and unsed dog house into a nice chicken coop that can house your chicks or chickens. If you have access to an old dog house, this is a very affordable project. This is a relatively easy project for even the beginner do it yourself-er.

DIY Dog House Chicken Coop Plans
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • wooden dog house
  • hinges
  • handle
  • hammer
  • crow bar
  • hand drill
  • straw
  • chicken tractor

The first thing you need to do is remove one of the sides of the roof. Be very careful when you trying to pry out some the nails, I had a few close calls. The hammer and the crowbar should do the job. Once the roof is off, the hinges and the handle have to be installed, to allow that side to open up giving you access to the coop.

To ensure your chickens are comfortable, do not forget to lay some straw on the bottom the coop. Along with the feeder and waterer. You can also add a nesting box and attach your pvc chicken tractor to the front of the coop, to allow the chickens a secure outdoor area.

You can get more information on the Homesteading Hippy blog, here…

DIY Dog House Chicken Coop Plans


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