DIY Cinder Block Chicken Feeder

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Chickens, oh chickens how art thou? I see you out there enjoy your diy backyard chicken tunnel and your diy pvc chicken tractor. Over the years we have built many different types of chicken feeders, but that will not stop us from trying out more. Next on the list is this diy cinder block chicken feeder.

Although, you can use this one in your chicken coop, I think it will do a better job out in the backyard for your free range chickens. Anyone, can easily set this up. If you remove the chicken feed you will only need two other materials, which most homesteads have lying around anyway.

DIY Cinder Block Chicken Feeder
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 2 cinder blocks
  • pvc pipe or gutter
  • wire or rope (optional)
  • hacksaw or miter saw (optional)

If you are not using a rain gutter, then you are going to have to cut your pipe in half before you can use it. I prefer pvc, but I am sure you can use any other light material for the feed holder. Setting this up is as easy as standing two cinder blocks on their shorter side, the length of the gutter apart.

Then sit your gutter in the top section of each block, so that it straddles the two blocks. You can go ahead and tie the ends of the gutter to the blocks using wire or rope. This will prevent the chickens from toppling the feeder over. To use, simply fill the gutter with some chicken feed.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Backyard Chickens forum, here…

DIY Trough Feeder Using Gutters

You can watch the video below for a diy trough style chicken feeder…


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