DIY Chicken Grazing Boxes
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Over the years, I have noticed that our chickens really enjoy the natural feed options vs the manufactured ones. That is why we make our own homemade organic chicken feed and have also built the diy chicken salad bar. Here is another option for you to consider these diy chicken grazing boxes.

What are grazing boxes? Simply put they are planters covered with hardware cloth that have grains and sprouts growing in them that your chickens can enjoy. In other words it is essentially a fresh buffet for your chickens. These boxes can help you reduce the costs of feeding your poultry.

DIY Chicken Grazing Boxes

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

Cutting your boards in half using your circular saw should be your first task. Then you just take the one board from each size and nail them together to create an L shape. You repeat this process with the remaining boards, before attaching the two L shapes together to complete the frame.

Place the box on the ground and then fill it with compost as well as dirt up to an inch below the top. Sow your seeds over the soil, before you cover the box with hardware cloth. Make sure that your hardware cloth is cut to fit the box and any overlaps should be tapped into the wood with your hammer. Water your seeds lightly daily and germination should occur within 7 days.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Attainable Sustainable blog, here…

DIY Chicken Grazing Boxes

You can watch the video below on diy chicken grazing boxes...


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