DIY Chicken Coop Swing

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I love these diy projects to create things to keep my chickens busy like the chicken boredom buster toy and the chicken ladder we built in previous posts. Today I ran into this diy chicken swing, and I thought why not add this to things they can play with too, huh?

It is a very simple project, and you know how I love easy. Plus you can reuse most of the materials you need from just scavenging for scraps from the homestead, which makes the whole project affordable too. Add the two together, simple and no cost and you have the perfect project.

DIY Chicken Coop Swing
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • scrap wood or tree branch
  • hacksaw
  • rope or wire
  • hand drill
  • drill bit
  • measuring tape
  • scissors

The first thing you want to do is find the main component of your swing which either going to be a scrap piece of wood or just a tree branch. Whatever, you choose just make sure the ends are shaved off to remove any sharp edges that may harm your chickens.

Then use your hand drill to make holes on both ends of the piece of wood, and thread your string or wire into these holes. Find a spot in your chicken coop where you can hang the new swing and tie the rope or wire to one of the beams. That’s it, your swing is ready! 🙂

You can follow step by step instructions on Attainable Sustainable blog, here…

DIY Chicken Coop Swing Plans


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