DIY Budget Tiny Cabin

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I can never get tired of sharing different options for shelter on your homestead. In the past I have shared this diy cabin, this diy earthbag roundhouse & this diy plastic bottle house. Today we will be looking at this diy budget tiny cabin.

This is a small but affordable solution, total cost if you are buying all the materials is around $2,200. All the plans and diagrams are provided, so you can just copy those with your diy skills and a few helping hands to get this cabin erected. This cabin measures around 12 X 20 feet.

DIY Budget Tiny Cabin
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 4×4 lumber
  • rafter board
  • floor joists
  • driller or
  • level
  • marker
  • square measure
  • measuring tape
  • lag bolts
  • insulation
  • hurricane studs
  • batten siding
  • rough sawn lumber
  • door frame
  • window frames
  • wood screws & nails
  • hand drill
  • miter saw
  • jigsaw
  • rafters
  • gable ends
  • ceiling boards
  • studs
  • cement

Familiarize yourself with the floor plan diagram before you begin. We always like to make the required cuts before starting too. But since this is a relatively big project maybe doing cuts for one section at a time will be sufficient. Drilling and planting the posts will be labor intensive if you do not have access to a driller.

Once the poles are in, you can start working on the roof starting with setting the center rafter board. Moving on to determining the top and bottom rafters angles and then attaching the rafters themselves. If you want to add the porch, you can do that too as in the pictures. The sides of your cabin, will be insulated and lag bolt the outer joist to the 4×4 poles to improve stability.

You can follow step by step instructions on Instructables, here…

DIY Budget Tiny Cabin

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