DIY Brick Raised Garden Beds

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Calling all the brick layers, this post is just for you! I have made raised garden beds before from different materials such as the diy cinder block raised garden bed and the diy wood pallet raised garden bed. However, I had never thought about using bricks until I saw this article on how to build brick raised garden beds.

It does not look like you need to be a master builder to take on this project. The garden bed walls are all built from a single wall, instead of the double used for larger building projects. I myself have dabbled with a litlle brick and mortar, but not enough to call myself an expert.

How To Build Brick Raised Garden Beds
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • bricks
  • cement
  • sand
  • mortar board
  • wheelbarrow or large container
  • mortar hoe
  • brick-set chisel
  • mason’s line with line blocks
  • pointing trowel
  • joint raking tool
  • joint pointer (either convex or V-shaped)
  • mortar mix (optional)

Clear the are you want to build your beds, then mark out individual beds by laying out the bricks the exact same way you would, only that you do not use any mortar initially. Remove the bricks and then lay down a layer of mortar about an inch thick. Lay your bricks starting from each of the four corners.

Build up the corner walls to the number of courses you want your garden beds to be in height. I think about 4 using standard bricks is enough, however you build what works for you. The rest of the walls are filled in before, making the final check with a level. It is recommended that you use strong weather resistant bricks for this project.

You can follow step by step instructions on, here…

DIY Brick Raised Garden Beds


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