DIY Beer Can Shingles Chicken Coop

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Most people do not realize that if you are resourceful enough with your building projects, you can end up discovering some interesting new materials. A good example would be this DIY Beer Can Shingle Chicken Coop.

Matt, actually dived into his scrap pile for most of the materials for this project. All he needed to buy was the chicken wire and some latches, for a total project cost of just $40.

DIY Beer Can Shingle Chicken Coop
Photo Credit: Matt Pike /
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • wood pallets
  • salvaged tin roof
  • wood lumber
  • empty beer cans
  • chicken wire
  • hammer
  • wood screws and nails
  • hand drill
  • circular saw

The frame of the main housing of the chicken coop is built from the wood pallets. It does not seem like you have to take them apart as Matt says he only had to start nailing when the roof had to come on.

He is a contractor so this whole project took him about 10 hours. Depending on your handyman skills it could take you a little more. The end result may not look very pretty but it will be functional.

You can get more information on the Tree Hugger Site here…

DIY Beer Can Shingles Chicken Coop


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