DIY Bazooka Outdoor Solar Shower

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I know outdoor showers are not for everyone, but we should always try to harness the free energy that the sun provides for our daily needs. This diy bazooka style outdoor solar shower is an interesting project to take on.

I love how he was able to scrounge around for scrap items for most of the materials. Recycling and re-using materials is always good for our environment too. Total cost of this  project was only $15.00.

DIY Bazooka Outdoor Solar Shower
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • cedar siding cutoffs
  • old redwood plywood
  • exterior adhesive
  • 1” staples
  • scrap 4.5” metal pipe
  • wire screen
  • shower head
  • plastic clips
  • heavy duty door hinges
  • garden hose
  • 4” black sewer pipe (optional)
  • concrete slab (optional)

He had already laid down a concrete slab for this project, but if you do not want to use concrete you could always just use a rectangular plastic container or even an old inside shower basin. Also instead of the metal pipe you could use the black PVC sewer pipes.

How does it work? In the morning, the ‘bazooka’ is filled with water and left in the sun to heat up. Late afternoon the water will be hot or warm enough for a 5 to 10 minute shower. Use is not recommended after sunset, as the water starts to cool down again.

You can follow step by step instructions on Proficient Prepping blog, here…

DIY Bazooka Outdoor Solar Shower


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