DIY Automatic Chicken Treadle Feeder

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Oh wow! This is really a neat way to keep pests including rats out of your chicken feed. You can take out a day from your weekend to build this DIY Treadle Chicken Feeder.

I love that it is automatic, your chickens just need to learn how to open it when they need to eat. May take a while, but eventually it is worth it will all the feed you save in the long run. If you have an outside coop, this will prevent wild birds from stealing your chicken feed too.

Chicken Treadle Feeder Plans
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 1/2″ plywood sheet
  • circular saw or table saw
  • chop saw or jigsaw
  • drill
  • clamps
  • pneumatic nail gun or wood screws
  • electric sander
  • screw driver
  • hammer
  • protective eye-ware
  • tape measure
  • square
  • wood sealant

Start by cutting the pieces for the main assembly, and then you can use the clamps to hold them together so you can measure the other pieces like the lid etc. Permanent assembly should only begin once you have all the pieces cut.

The treadle mechanism maybe a little tricky at first, but if you don’t over think it and just follow the plans you should be ok. You can also paint the outside of the completed feeder with wood sealant, but that is optional.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Backyard Chickens blog, here…

DIY Treadle Chicken Feeder Plans

You can watch the video below, chickens using the treadle feeder


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