DIY 2L Soda Bottle Garden

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After you read this post, you will no longer have an excuse to not have at the very least your own herb garden. This diy self watering soda bottle garden, allows you to grow herbs and vegetables and you do not have to worry about space or forgetting to water it.

I love this idea, not only is it a simple project you also get to recycle and reuse the bottles. You can use this to grow your little herb garden plant your mint, rosemary, parsley etc. Or you can even grow your lettuce, pretty much any shallow root plant will grow well in there.

DIY 2L Soda Bottle Garden

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 2L plastic soda bottle
  • herb plant or seedlings
  • garden soil
  • hand drill
  • drinking straw
  • utility knife
  • organic fertilizer
  • plant markers

Step By Step Instructions:

1.Use the drill to drill a hole in the center of top of your bottle lid.

2. Drill a few more holes in a circle around the first hole you drilled.

3. Drill a few more holes around the sides and the bottle neck.

4. Use the utility knife to cut out a hole big enough to fit the straw through.

5. Cut all the way around the bottle to remove the top section, just above where the label would be.

6. Drill a hole right above the bottom line of the soda bottle, this is your overflow hole.
The hole should be a little bigger than the ones at the top, use utility knife to make it bigger.

7. Insert the top section, with the lid side down first into the bottom section. Make sure that it settles centered.

8. Place the straw through the hole you cut out in the top section of the bottle.

9. Fill the bottle with dirt, not too much just enough to plant in.

10. Slide your herb plant into the container, do it gently it will slowly slide in.

When you ready, you can water your plant. Just make a little funnel using a plastic sheet, fit it into the straw and pour water until the bottom reservoir is full up to the overflow hole.

You can continue to add water, at least weekly or as much as your plant needs it. Don’t forget to place your soda bottle garden in an area that gets sunlight daily.

You can watch the video below, on how to build a soda bottle garden

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