DIY $15 Water Filtration System

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Water is the most important thing for human survival. You may be getting your water from rain barrels or perhaps from your hand drilled water well, it is still very wise to run it through some filtration process. This diy water filtration system is a great option.

Not only is it easy to build, it also works just as well as the more expensive systems. It is based on the Berkley water filter system. You can grab the water from the rain barrels and then run it through the filtration system. This system does not purify, it just filters out chlorine, rust and other impurities.

Homemade $15 Water Filter System

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 2 X 5 gallon plastic bucket
  • 2 x standard water filter
  • 12″ threaded rod
  • 2 X wing nuts
  • 3 X washers
  • 3 X rubber washers
  • castle nut
  • utility knife
  • super glue

Place the rod through the center of your filter then layer your washers starting with the smaller rubber washer, followed by the normal washer. Repeat with the larger washers before screwing on a wing nut on the top of the rod. The bottom end of the rod has a washer, with a castle nut and another wing nut.

Cut a hole 1 1/4″ in the lid of bottom bucket. Then go ahead and cut the same size hole in the top bucket and also cut out the groove along the edge. Fill the top bucket with your water and your water will sip through the filter to the bottom bucket, which collects your filtered water.

You can watch the video below on the diy water filter system…


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