DIY $10 Homemade Cold Smoker

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I recently had smoked salmon for the first time and I almost slapped myself for having waited so long to try it. Lol. So when I came across this simple diy cold smoker on youtube, the other day I did get a little excited. It is portable, compact and easy to build.

The guy says he has used his to smoke cheese or bacon, but was certain it could be used for salmon as well. This is a cold smoker, so anything that you smoke in it, should eventually be cooked. It should be cooked before or after the smoking process. Apparently, salmon needs to be frozen and well marinated before smoking.


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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Large Plastic Box
  • Brand New Soldering Iron
  • Smoking Wood Chips
  • Small Ceramic Pot
  • Metal Rack
  • Electric Tape

You can use any plastic box with a tight fitting lid. Stick a hole in one bottom corner, cut your soldering iron electrical cord and slip it through the hole. The hole should be just big enough to fit your cord. Use electric tape to rejoin your electrical cord.

Place some wood chips in your ceramic pot, and position this in one corner of the box. Next add your metal rack in the space that you have left within the box. Place your food on the metal rack and your soldering iron into the wood chips in the ceramic pot. Close the lid tight and leave the food to smoke. Use outside or on patio, to avoid smoking up your house.

Smoking times: Cheese 4-8 hours. Bacon 8-12 hours if using or freezing soon, if storing 16 hours or more.

For step by step instructions, watch the full video below


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