Homemade Pig Feed Recipe

Homemade Pig Feed Recipe

August 18, 2017 May 0

We have been keeping pigs for a while now on the homestead. What I love about them is that you can basically feed them anything, […]

How To Build A Rabbit Nest Box

DIY Rabbit Nest Box

June 24, 2017 May 0

Oh my word, it has been a while since I have talked about or mentioned my little fury friends on this blog. I think the […]

DIY Wooden Goat Perch

DIY Wooden Goat Perch

June 1, 2017 May 0

I do believe your goats will love you even more every time you add new things for them to pay with. The good thing is […]

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DIY Chicken Grazing Boxes

April 27, 2017 May 0

Over the years, I have noticed that our chickens really enjoy the natural feed options vs the manufactured ones. That is why we make our […]

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DIY Goat Milking Stand

April 9, 2017 May 0

Have you ever tried clipping the hooves of a goat, whilst straddling them? Or even just milking your goats whilst they are tied to either […]

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DIY Goat Kid Warmer

March 9, 2017 May 0

We hardly ever talk about the little goats, the ‘kids’ on here. Hence today I decided to give them a little blog time, just like […]

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Homemade Poultry Feed Recipe

January 20, 2017 May 0

Are you still feeding your poultry manufactured store bought feed? My old friend Judith advised me many years ago to stop doing so and switch […]