DIY Strawberry eBucket

DIY Strawberry eBucket

March 29, 2014 May 0

Oh sweet and delicious strawberries, how can I easily grow you? I found this very interesting diy strawberry ebucket method, that is worth a try. […]

Portable Solar Eco Freezer

Portable Solar Eco Freezer

March 28, 2014 May 0

Here’s another great design that uses solar energy. This portable solar eco freezer is able to keep any food or drinks you put in it […]

DIY 15W Folding Solar Panel

DIY Folding 15W Solar Panel

March 21, 2014 May 0

There are times when you may need portable renewable energy, solar is a great choice. This DIY Folding 15W Solar Panel is very compact and […]

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No Dig Vegetable Garden

March 10, 2014 May 0

Vegetable gardening is a lot of fun, however setting up garden beds can be a little tedious. The No Dig Garden, allows you to have […]

DIY Solar Food Dehydrator

DIY Solar Food Dehydrator

March 7, 2014 May 0

How about using the sun to dry your fruits and veggies? This DIY solar dehydrator can be built using materials from your local hardware store. […]

Solar Ice Maker

Off Grid Solar Ice Maker

February 28, 2014 May 0

When you are living off grid, sometimes simple things like ice may become a luxury. That is why I think this solar ice maker, is […]

DIY Pedal Powered Grain Mill

DIY Pedal Powered Grain Mill

February 26, 2014 May 0

When you living off grid and you have no access to electricity, you can still mill your grains such as wheat, buckwheat or rye. This simple […]