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How To Make Canning Salt

September 13, 2016 May 0

Canning is one of those activities that have become almost a weekly thing in our kitchen, especially during the gardening season. We can everything over […]

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Canning Strawberry Pie Filling

August 30, 2016 May 0

Oh my, those juicy strawberries. They are always nice to have especially if you have grown your own strawberries in your garden. However the problem, […]

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Canning Rhubarb

August 16, 2016 May 0

As we slowly creep towards to that time of the season when one starts to ponder how they are going to store all this produce, […]

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How To Dehydrate Peppers

July 19, 2016 May 0

Almost every season we have always grown some bell peppers in our garden. Lately we have started having a lot more surplus, we should perhaps […]

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Canning Minced Fresh Garlic

July 5, 2016 May 0

Most people would prefer to just use dry garlic or even the homemade garlic powder we occasionally make in our kitchen. However, dried never quite […]

How To Freeze Fresh Zucchini

How To Freeze Zucchini

May 24, 2016 May 0

It happened this winter, when I ran into this soup recipe that needed fresh zucchini that I really wanted to make but had to postpone […]

Freezing Mushrooms

How To Freeze Mushrooms

April 27, 2016 May 0

Today I decided to focus on one of my favorite cooking ingredients… Mushrooms. In the past we looked at how to grow oyster mushrooms , canning […]