Canning Pickeled Asparagus

Canning Pickled Asparagus

June 8, 2017 May 0

Yes, why don’t we talk about the one vegetable that most people love to hate. I admit asparagus is not for everyone, I personally love […]

How To Make Your Own Grape Juice At Home

Homemade Grape Juice Recipe

June 6, 2017 May 0

If you are familiar with the wine making process, then you probably just got excited from reading the title. You are thinking OMG juicy grapes… […]

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Canning Meat

April 6, 2017 May 0

Ok, I too have to admit. I have been wanting to try this for a while now, especially after successfully canning sausage and pressure canning […]

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Canning Cakes

January 31, 2017 May 0

Alright, so this ‘canning’ method falls in the try it at your own risk category. The USDA have stated that there is no safe way […]

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Canning Tomato Juice

December 23, 2016 May 0

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes you can grow a whole lot of them but when it comes to harvesting time you will have a lot of problems, […]

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Canning Black Beans

December 6, 2016 May 0

Are you ready for yet another canning adventure? If my mind serves me right the last time we canned was when we were canning pickled […]

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Canning Flour

September 27, 2016 May 0

Yep, you read that right, we are going to be canning flour today. I hadn’t done it myself until recently. I have successfully oven canned […]

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How To Make Canning Salt

September 13, 2016 May 0

Canning is one of those activities that have become almost a weekly thing in our kitchen, especially during the gardening season. We can everything over […]