Canning Without Added Sugar

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Canning is and can be lotsa of fun, it has to be otherwise I would not be doing it as much as I do. From mid Summer to early fall, my canning utensils get a full workout. We can almost everything from canning plums to canning fresh pineapple and even canning mushrooms. A little while back I decided to start canning without added sugar, after I realized that we actually used a lot in most recipes.

I know you are probably thinking, how can you can without adding sugar? Especially when canning fruits, the majority of the recipes call for you to add sugar. The reason why I think it is wise to limit or even exclude sugar from the canning process, is health based. Too much sugar has been linked to serious health ailments such as diabetes, heart disease as well as obesity. You can also check out the book Canning and Preserving Without Sugar by Norma Macrae.

Home Canning Without Added Sugar
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • pectin
  • unsweetened fruit juice
  • water

When canning your jams and jellies, you can remove sugar from the recipe and replace it with pectin. This will take over the role of helping your fruit or fruit juices gel. Fruit butters are also an excellent alternative to sugar, just remember to can them using the fruit specific guidelines.

Peaches, sweet cherries or even pears, require you to make a sugar syrup when canning them. What you could do instead is add unsweetened fruit juice, it does not necessarily have to be the same fruit. For example unsweetened apple juice can be added with most fruits. When fruit juice is not available, then just using water will work as well.

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How To Can Without Added Sugar

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