Canning Taco Meat

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Anyone else for a taco or two today? You know I have that special homemade taco seasoning just waiting to take your taco from ordinary to extraordinary. And just speed up the whole process in the future I have decided that canning taco meat, might just be a great option.

It has been a while since I have used my pressure canner and this is the perfect job for it. I love that the beef is browned and seasoned spicy Mexican style, before being packed into the jars. This canned beef is not only great in your tacos, but can also be used to make fajitas, chili, taco salad as well as hot dog chili. So let’s get taco-ed! LOL

Pressure Canning Taco Meat
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

Alright, lets make sure that all the jars, lids and rings are sterilized and kept warm while they wait to be ‘stuffed’. The beef needs a little browning in a saucepan, then mix in all the different spices. If you do not have one or two, don’t stress about it. It is not the end of the world.

Pack your beef into each jar leaving about an inch below the rim. Use the damp cloth to wipe off any residue on the rims, before screwing on the lids and rings. Process for 70 minutes at 10 pounds of pressure for pint jars, or 90 minutes for quarts. Processing times and pressure vary according to your altitude, check your canner’s instruction manual. Remove from canner and let sit overnight on your kitchen counter. This should be ample time for cooling and sealing.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Canning Granny blog, here…

Canning Taco Meat Recipe

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