Canning Fresh Pineapple

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When pineapples start to ripen, sometimes you have more than you can eat. I do enjoy my fresh pineapple but I would not mind canning pineapple, so I can enjoy pineapple later on in the year.

This method uses the water bath canner. The pineapple canning recipe is a tried and tested one that was passed down from her great aunt Penny.

Canning Fresh Pineapple

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • fresh pineapples
  • sugar
  • water
  • knife
  • lemon juice
  • pineapple cores
  • hot water bath canner
  • mason jars
  • canning lids and rings
  • jar funnel
  • jar lifter
  • magnetic lifter
  • towels
  • ladle
  • cooling rack
  • stainless bowl
  • baby stock pot
  • small paring knife

Step By Step Instructions

1. Remove the skin using the knife. Try to leave as much flesh as possible.

2. Use your small paring knife to cut along the diagonals of the fruit, cutting the eyes out.

3. After you done cutting the eyes, rinse your pineapple and your cutting board.

4. Cut your pineapples into quarters and then remove the center section that is whiter and brighter.

5. Cut the center section into smaller bits and throw those into the sugar.

6. Simmer the cores, sugar and water in the baby crockpot to a boil to make simple syrup.

7. Cut the quarters in half and then slice it into smaller pieces.

8. Wash your water bath canner, rings, jars and lids. Place them in water bath to make sure they stay nice and warm.

9. Use the jar lifter to lift the jars out of the water bath. Pour the water into the container with the rings.

10. Line up all your jars, next to the sliced pineapple and the simple syrup.

11. Fill your jars with the pineapples to the half inch mark on the jars. Shake and tap the jars down so that the pineapples settle within.

12. Use your ladle to pour in the syrup to the half inch line in each jar.

13. Make sure there are no bubbles in the jars once you have filled them with the syrup.

14. Wipe the edges of each jar with a white sanitized towel.

15. Place your hot lids and rings on to the jars. Twist the rings until they are finger tight on each jar.

16. Place all the jars into your water bath canner, make sure they are not touching.

17. Add more water, about an inch and a half above the top of the jars. Close the water bath and allow the water to come to a boil.

18. When the nipple pops up start venting your water bath. Allow 25 minutes for pint jars and 30 minutes for quart jars.

19. Remove jars from the water bath and let them sit out while they cool down and seal.

20. Refrigerate any leftover fresh pineapple.

You can watch the video below, for canning fresh pineapple...


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