Canning Butternut Squash

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Oh my, this year I ended up with so many butternut squash from my garden even after giving away a lot of them to my friends, family and neighbours. I had no choice but to look into how to can butternut squash, in order to store some of the excess.

You will need to pull out the pressure canner for this process. Try to select the butternuts that you will can, and avoid those that seem too ripe. They may become mushy, during the whole process and will not keep for long in your canning jars.

How To Can Butternut Squash
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • fresh butternut squash
  • canning jars
  • canning utensils
  • kitchen towel
  • large pot
  • water
  • knife
  • slotted spoon

The first thing you need to do is peel your butternuts and then cut them into cubes. These cubes are boiled in the large pot with water for a maximum of 2 minutes. Prepare your jars for the canning process before using the slotted spoon to add the butternut into each jar.

Fill the jars with water from the pot to about an inch below the rim, the wipe down the rims with a cloth before screwing on the rings and lids. Process the pint jars for 55 minutes or 90 minutes for quarts. Use the guide that came with your canner to determine your pressure based on your altitude. Make sure you store the jars in a cool place, for long term storage.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Big Red Couch blog, here…

How To Can Butternut Squash


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