9 Fruit Trees You Can Plant In Winter

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If you love to spend time in your garden, sometimes when the fall comes you just can’t stop gardening. That is why in the past I have either moved plants to our diy wood pallet green house or grown some┬ávegetables in our cold frame. I have recently discovered that I can actually plant some fruit trees in winter.

Apparently there some bare root fruit tree varities that actually do well if planted in late winter or early spring. They say that if you transplant them in the ground around this time, it allows them to overcome the shock of being transplanted and be ready to start growing by the time summer rolls up. You can grow your own seedlings from seed or you can get them from your local nursery.

9 Fruit Trees You Can Plant In Winter

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • fruit seedlings or root patches
  • compost
  • shovel

The best fruit trees to grow in the winter are Apple, Apricot, Asian Pears, Crabapple, Sweet Cherry, Sour Cherry, Pears, Peaches and Plums. Identify an area in your orchid, and dig a hole twice as wide and deep as your seedling. After filling your hole with compost and dirt, intially do not over water the plant, especially before summer.

During the first Summer it is important that you water your trees deeply at least once a week. Raspberries and blueberries are best planted in early spring. Although the trees will take at least 7 years to fruit, raspberries will fruit the very next year whilst blueberries will take a few years. Just make sure when you do any planting the ground is not frozen and you should be fine.

You can get more information on the Melissa Knorris blog, here…

How To Plant Fruit Trees You In Winter


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