7 Advantages Of Raised Bed Gardens

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Today let us talk about raised bed gardening, in particular why it is beneficial to start a raised bed garden. Why should you look at having a raised garden instead of the traditional garden. Well as you will see below, there are many advantages to this kind of garden, and depending on your situation it may actually be a better choice for you.

7 Advantages Of Raised Bed Gardening

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1. Soil Quality & Drainage.

Where soil is of poor quality and drainage inadequate, raised bed gardening makes it simple to create patches of fertile, well-drained soil. This can, in turn save money as well as time to! It is considerably cheaper and less effort than installing a drainage system and then trucking in topsoil.

2. Allows You To Grow Fussy Plants.

Combined with good drainage control, you can grow all sorts of fussy plants.

3. Elevates Garden

Raised bed gardening elevates plants to a more workable level, making them easier to tend to. Raised bed gardening is also great for vegetable or cutting gardens.

For gardeners in wheelchairs or with back pain, raised bed gardening is a godsend. Just make sure the area between the beds is wide and firm enough for ease of movement.

4. Low Maintenance

Raised bed gardening is extremely low maintenance too. Plants can be kept organized, and all the soil and debris can be kept within its borders. This means a serious reduction in your hard work!

5. Production Per Square Foot.

There are many reasons for the Raised beds revival. But probably the most important is more production per square foot of garden. Raised beds don’t require the usual space between rows because you don’t walk in the bed to cultivate or harvest.

Greater production can be achieved with raised bed gardening because of the lack of soil compaction. In a normal garden you have to leave space between the plants in order to work them properly. This then leads to soil compaction which can reduce crop yields up to 50 percent. All a plants needs i.e water and air have trouble moving through compacted soil.

6. Recycle Problem Spots

When compaction isn’t the only problem, then raised bed gardening can help there to. Homeowners may have areas unsuited for conventional gardens. Raised bed gardening will physically rise above these, with frames as its foundation. It allows you to recycle problem spots!

7. Easier Pest Control.

Raised beds are also a boom with pest control to. If you get an invasion of furry little criters, simply line the bed with poultry wire or some hardware cloth. You can discourage rabbits by placing their favorite foods in a framed bed with a low fence.

Well, i hope Ive done a decent job of highlighting some of the benefits of raised bed gardening.

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