5 Essentials For Raising Chicks

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If I had to pick a favorite when it comes to raising livestock, then I guess I would have to choose raising chickens. Maybe it is because I started taking care of chickens when I was still a young girl, and everything else just started in more recent years. Today I want to share with you these 5 essentials you need when raising chicks.

These are the basic must haves, I am sure depending on your own personal experience or budget you can expand the list. Raising chicks, is actually not complicated at all, and before you know it they will be grown, running around your backyard and laying eggs.

5 Essentials For Raising Chicks
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1. Chick Pen

Any container big enough to house the number of chicks you plan on raising will do. We have used this diy chick brooder, large moving boxes and an old dog cage before. For the bedding you can use wood shavings or just lay down some treated straw.

2. The Mother Hen Box

OMG! This will provide you peace and quiet at night. All you need is a cardboard box big enough to cover all your chicks, poke a few holes in it to allow for air flow. When night time comes cover your chicks, with the box and they will sleep quietly until morning comes. This box replicates a mother hen, lying over its chicks.

3. Chick Waterer

Size doesn’t really matter, just make sure you provide your chicks with as much water as they need. A little apple cider vinegar, in the water will help boost the chicks immunity.

4. Chick Feeder

Just like with the waterer, start with a smaller feeder and then introduce a bigger one as the chicks grow and require more feed.

5. Heat Source

This can be any type of heat source, even your wood stove will work well. Alternatively you can opt for the heat lamp, and either buy or make one yourself. Remember white light may blind your chicks, so opt for either a ceramic bulb or a red light bulb.

You can follow this week by week schedule on the Community Chickens blog, here…

Week By Week Schedule For Raising Chicks

You can watch the video below on 7 essential tips for raising chicks…

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