5 Deadly Chicken Mistakes You Should Avoid

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So I found myself with a little extra time today, and I decided to fire up youtube and do some research. Lo and behold I came across this awesome video from Becky’s Homestead on 5 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid When Raising Chickens. I love here channel, it’s very informative and I always learn a lot from her on how to raise chickens.

Some of the tips she shares in this video, I already knew from personal experience. For example, I know that adding smaller chickens to a coop with the bigger girls is a no no. We did it once, when we were first starting out and we quickly learnt that the big girls needed and demanded their own space. Such spoilt divas! LOL

5 Deadly Chicken Mistakes You Should Avoid
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The best tip, I learnt from her though was on the de-worming. I think I am guilty of not de-worming my girls enough times every single year. In all honesty, I really did not know what to look out for. However thanks to Becky, I now know that if the girls are laying ‘poopy’ eggs it is time to de-worm them. She also recommends that it is done at least three times every year. That I think I can do.

Ok, so I will make a quick list of what Becky suggests in her video below, and then you can just scroll down to the actual video and she will explain everything in more detail. It is always better to hear it from the horse’s mouth, right? Enjoy the video, and don’t forget to subscribe to her channel.

Tip #1 – Same Age & Size In Each Coop.

  • Never add, big chickens with smaller ones in the same coop.

Tip #2 – Don’t Forget To Include Grit

Tip #3 – De-Worm Your Chickens Regularly.

  • She recommends at least 3 times a year, add 1 tablespoon of
    Diatomaceous Earth per chicken to the feed.

Tip #4 – Access To Sunshine & Shade

  • When you build your chicken coop, allow for the chickens to have
    access to both sunshine and shaded areas.

Tip #5 – Quiet Nesting Box Location

  • Besides maintaining clean nesting boxes, you should also try to keep
    them in a nice quiet shaded area in the coop. Otherwise, they will lay
    fewer eggs every day unless, you fix this… fast!

You can watch the full video below on 5 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid When Raising Chickens…


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