5 Best Dairy Goats Breeds For Your Homestead

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The number one reason why most homesteaders keep goats, is for their milk. Before you can go ahead and build your diy 2 storey goat house or learn how to milk a goat. It is important that you purchase the right breeds for optimum milk production, by choosing from these 5 best dairy goat breeds.

Yes, it is true that most goats will produce milk, however the difference between the dairy breeds and the others is that they often produce more quality milk. This will ensure that your family almost always has some milk available when they need it. You can also have surplus milk for other projects such as making candles or soap.

5 Best Dairy Goats Breeds For Your Homestead
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1. Nigerian Dwarf

These tend to most people’s favorite breed, for many obvious reasons. They do not require a lot of space and they produce more milk per body size when compared to the larger ones. Their milk is also very sweet and creamy because it has a higher butterfat percentage. Their milk’s taste is the closest to cow milk you will get.

2. Saanen

This is the largest of the dairy breeds, and is easily identifiable by its all white coat. Due to their size they are also able to produce a lot of milk.

3. Nubian

Identified by their floppy ears, they also produce milk with a high butterfat percentage, slightly lower than the Nigerian Dwarfs. Their overall milk production is not as much though.

4. LaMancha

This is not a very common breed, however it can be milked for a whole year or more even without being re-bred. Besides being hardy, they have a very unique look as they virtually has no ear lobes, in most cases.

5. Alpine

This medium sized breed, produces large volumes of milk and can survive in harsh conditions.

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5 Best Goat Breeds for Milk Production

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