3 DIY Banana Peel Organic Fertilizers

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The next time you have bananas, do not throw away the peels. It turns out that banana peels actually contain some very important nutrients that are needed by your plants. They contain Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus as well as Magnesium. Alternatively, you can add your banana peels to your compost instead of directly to your plants.

According to Jonathan from Stewartlandingco.com they contain…

Potassium — helps with the flow of nutrients and water in a plant, causing them to be more drought and pest resistant. This is the main mineral found in banana peels.

Calcium — helps with the breakdown of other necessary nutrients like nitrogen in the soil. Necessary for proper root and stem growth.

Phosphorus — necessary for blooms, fruiting and healthy roots.

Magnesium — helps with the production of chlorophyll, keeping plants green. Chlorophyll is necessary for plants to absorb the necessary energy from the sun to create the necessary chemical reactions needed for a plant to live.Pale green or yellow leaves and/or fruit rotting before maturity may indicate a magnesium

3 DIY Banana Peel Organic Fertilizers
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Banana Peel Organic Fertilizer #1

Dried Banana Peels – All you have to do is tear the peels up in strips and lay them out to dry outside peel face down on a cookie sheet that is covered in parchment paper. Place them in an oven preheated to 170-200 degrees F.

Remove the peels from oven when black, crispy and brittle. Use a food processor to grind them to a coffee grounds like texture. This fertilizer can be used immediately or store in your fridge. Sprinkle on top of soil and mix a little into the top soil.

Banana Peel Organic Fertilizer #2

Shredded Banana Peels – This one is made from banana peels cut into thin small strips on a chopping board. This can be applied immediately or stored in your fridge for a maximum of 48 hours. To apply this organic fertilizer, bury a few inches deep, do not disturb your plants root system.

Banana Peel Organic Fertilizer #2

Pulverized Banana Peels – Cut the peels into small strips as in recipe #2, however instead of storing in your fridge. Place them in your food processor and process them until they form a paste. Once again use immediately or refrigerate for no more than 48 hours. Mix well with water in a blender and water your plants with the liquid organic fertilizer.

Watch the video below for more information…


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